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2009 to 2018


The Bronx is up...

Heirloom Photos and the Narrative Portrait

Workshops in Umbria and Maine


Documenting a Western Fantasy

Vintage New York/Paris

Manuello Paganelli's Cuba

Lost Fishermen

Dump Trump

The Traveler's Tale

What I Learned in Venice

Documenting Lubec's Sculptural Treasure

Irving Penn - Beyond Beauty

A Reborn, Revitalized, East Wing

Coffee & Critique

Location Lighting Downsized

Reimagining Cuba

On the Street with Strand and Winogrand

Canon's Foolish Step Backward

Program Mode

Hidden Venice


SummerKeys: That 70's Show

Classic Black and White

Those Nice Bright Colors

Experiencing Umbria

The Sky is NOT the Limit...

The Ability to Repeat

Flowing Water, Frozen Water

Losing The Decisive Moment

The Amazing M9--Leica's iPad?

Unavailable Light

Made by Hand--and Heart

The Dark Chamber

A New Photo Workshop In Maine


A Literary Leap of Faith

Rating Foto Week

Mirror To The World

Basics in Paradise

The Smokehouse Softbox

Battle of the Big Minis

Sunrise at Campobello

Bridezillas' and the New Wedding

Classic Black and White

Three Books on Venice


Back to basics

Unseen Serenissima